Daily Archives: January 29, 2019


Marathon Questions e.l.f. Mgmt’s Credibility

Purpose of Transaction. Item 4 is hereby amended to add the following: On January 25, 2019, Marathon Partners delivered a letter (the “Letter”) to the Issuer’s board of directors (the “Board”) recommending, among other things, that the Board undertake a comprehensive review of the Issuer’s operating strategy, corporate governance practices and executive compensation plans. Marathon…


Cannell Files a Detailed Plan for Lee Ent.

Dear Fellow Shareholders, As one of the largest shareholders of Lee Enterprises, Inc. (“LEE”), Cannell Capital LLC (“CC”) allocates resources to help you. CC owns LEE because we think that great value lies within, value which can be unlocked through the introduction of new stewards of shareholders. The incumbent board is stale, lethargic and devoid…


Ironwood Files Form 10 for Cyclerion

          , 2019 Dear Future Cyclerion Shareholder:         On behalf of the entire Cyclerion team, I am pleased to welcome you as a future shareholder of our new company.         Cyclerion will be a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on harnessing the full therapeutic potential of nitric oxide signaling through development of next-generation soluble guanylate cyclase, or sGC, stimulators….