Glenview Capital Mgmt

Glenview Files 13D on Manitowoc

Purpose of Transaction The Reporting Persons acquired the Shares for investment purposes, and such purchases have been made in the Reporting Persons’ ordinary course of business. The Reporting Persons expect to review from time to time their investment in the Issuer and may, depending on the market and other conditions: (i) purchase additional Shares, options…

Glenview Wants HMA to Redeem or Amend Its Poison Pill

Item 4.   Purpose of Transaction   Item 4 of the Schedule 13D is hereby amended and supplemented as follows: As previously disclosed by the Issuer, the Issuer adopted a “poison pill” rights plan that limits any shareholder and its affiliates and associates from acquiring beneficial ownership of more than 15% of the Shares of the…

Glenview Clarifies on its Position in HMA

(Market Cap $3.1 billion) Glenview Capital Management LLC, issued the following statement of clarification regarding its holdings in Health Management Associates, Inc. (HMA): “Investment funds advised by our firm, Glenview Capital Management, LLC (“Glenview”), presently hold approximately 37.8 million shares of Health Management Associates, Inc. (“HMA”), or approximately 14.6% of the Company. In our thirteenth…

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