Autoliv Files Form 10 for Veoneer Spin

Dear Autoliv, Inc. Stockholder:

On December 12, 2017, we announced that, following the conclusion of a strategic review by our Board of Directors, we intend to spin-off our Electronics business segment, creating a new, independent publicly traded company called Veoneer, Inc. (“Veoneer”).

Over the last decade, our Electronics business has grown and matured next to our world leading Passive Safety business and today we have two distinct, successful businesses, each with its own unique business drivers. The spin-off will better position both companies to address two distinct, growing markets with leading product offerings.

Our Electronics segment is a leader in the active safety market with one of the broadest and most advanced product portfolios in the industry today, which includes automotive radars, cameras with driver assist systems, night vision systems, and positioning systems. It is a market leader in restraint control systems and an ambitious niche player in brake control systems.

The remaining business will build on its global leadership in the passive safety market, which consists of airbag systems, steering wheels and seatbelts. Standalone, the passive safety business will have increased opportunities to further optimize its performance.

Upon completion of the spin-off, our stockholders will have an interest in both Autoliv and Veoneer. To implement the spin-off, Autoliv has transfered the Electronics business to Veoneer and its subsidiaries and will distribute 100% of the outstanding shares of common stock of Veoneer on a pro rata basis to existing holders of common shares of Autoliv, including shares represented by Swedish Depository Receipts (“SDRs”). As discussed in this information statement, the intent is for this distribution to be tax free to stockholders both in the US and Sweden. As a result of the distribution, each Autoliv stockholder and Autoliv SDR holder will receive one share of common stock of Veoneer or Veoneer SDR for every                shares of common stock or SDRs of Autoliv held on the applicable record date for the distribution, with cash being paid in lieu of fractional shares.

No vote of Autoliv stockholders is required for the distribution. You do not need to take any action to receive shares of Veoneer common stock to which you are entitled as an Autoliv stockholder or Autoliv SDR holder, and you do not need to pay any consideration or surrender or exchange your Autoliv shares or SDRs.

I encourage you to read the attached information statement, which is being provided to all Autoliv stockholders who hold shares of Autoliv common stock (including shares represented by SDRs) on the record date for common stockholders for the distribution. The information statement describes the spin-off in detail and contains important business and financial information about Veoneer.

I believe the spin-off provides immense opportunities for our businesses and our stockholders, as we work to continue building long-term stockholder value. Thank you for your continuing support of Autoliv, and we look forward to your future support of both companies.


Jan Carlson
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer


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