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OA Spin-Off Calendar

Last Updated on January 4, 2019 # Announced Date Parent Ticker Parent Co Name Spin-Off Ticker Spin-Off Co Name Spin-Off Description Most Recent Filing Transaction Date 1A 12/11/15 DWDP DowDuPont Inc. Corteva Agriscience Agriculture Link By 6/1/19 1B 12/11/15 DWDP DowDuPont Inc. DOW Dow Holdings Inc. Material Science Link By 4/1/19 1C 12/11/15 DWDP DowDuPont…


Why CCR 14% Dividend is Solid

  Setting aside the fact that its ticker symbol reminds me of one of my favorite rock bands.. Since the CNX/CEIX spin off, I have taken a close look at CEIX and have found that its MLP, CCR, is very attractively priced both on an absolute basis as well as relative to its peer group. …


GAIA: Under-The-Radar Hyper-Growth 5-Bagger

Bottom-Line: Gaia has a $6 stock; The company has net cash of $4 per share, owns an unencumbered office building with a market value of $1.35-$1.65 per share and a video-streaming business growing subscribers at 50%-80% per annum. CEO Jirka Rysavy, a serial entrepreneur and the largest GAIA stock holder, has a proven track record of…