Lemelson Calls for a Sale of Geospace


The securities referred to in this Schedule were originally acquired by the Fund for investment purposes
and not with the purpose or effect of changing or influencing control of the Issuer.  The Fund had
acquired the securities in the ordinary course of business and is holding the securities for the benefit
of its investors.  

The securities referred to in this Schedule have been previously reported on SC13G/A, however, this SC13D/A is being filed due to a certain
prior letter issued by Lemelson Capital Management, LLC which called for replacement of the management of the
Company and exploration of strategic alternatives with an investment bank, and a change in the total number of
shares which have been acquired.  As a result of the prior letter, the investment intent had changed from a
passive investor to attempting to influence a change in the direction of the Company.

Link: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1001115/000165921318000003/0001659213-18-000003-index.htm